Playmats are a classic must-have for many parents. Who doesn’t want a dedicated play area for their little ones that is soft and safe?
Preferably one that lasts through several stages of your baby’s development: from tummy time, to learning to crawl, sitting up and those first steps.
Most mainstream playmats are similar in shape and colour, and they often clash with today’s living rooms.

Quut has created a unique playmat in a fun, playful, yet dreamy cloud shape . This combined with the soothing colours makes for not only an endearing but also stylish object.
We wouldn’t be Quut if we didn’t add some special features to the mat. The inner cloud is reversible, so you can regularly change the look of the playmat.
In addition you can experiment with different set-up: do a puppet show, relax in your reading nook or play hide and seek. Say bye to the bright coloured tiles and welcome this cutie to your living space! The perfect gift for underneath the Christmas tree or to put on your baby registry.