Durability to the next level!

During our holidays back in 2012, we noticed that the children’s beach toys were not sustainable. The products were constantly broken and did not provide any emotional pleasure as they usually did not last until the end of the day. The bucket handle would break as our kids filled it with water, their shovel would snap as they dug a hole. We saw too many broken toys strewn across the beach by the end of the day.

At Quut, we thought this was ridiculous, so we got together to make beach toys that are different: Quut toys are made based on the way kids play at the beach. They are fun, ergonomic, multifunctional, beautiful and most importantly: built to last… season after season. No more broken buckets. No more snapped shovels. And no more discarded plastic left behind! It’s a great way to spend quality time with your kids at the water while keeping your beaches clean.

All products are BPA, Phthalates, latex free and are of course recyclable. We’ve made sure to use mono materials and avoid glue to make recycling as pure and as easy as possible.

But above all, Quut believes that creating a love affair with your favorite toy, means the toy will last you a lifetime. It may even be passed on to the next generation. Durability to the next level!

Imagine the difference a Quut toy can make.


A well-regarded Belgian design agency.

Quut (pronounced as “cute” in English) was born end of 2012, in the kitchen of PARS PRO TOTO, a well-regarded Belgian design agency with more than 25 years of experience in designing and engineering innovative products and attractive brands.

With over 20 kids amongst us, we have gone through our fair share of beach toys over the years. Tired of the many poor quality beach toys that were on the market, offering no emotional connection, we decided to make our own brand. Our goal was to create toys that would last as long our memories spent at the beach, toys with a real, durable and clever design that would offer fun and beauty for kids and parents. This is how Quut was born.


We decided to design and develop sustainable, strong and smart toys.

Quut reinvents the great basics like a shovel, a bucket,… by offering a collection of smart beach toys that combine design, ergonomics, solidity and eco-responsibility since they are all Phthalate-free, BPA-free, Latex-free and 100% recyclable!

We decided to design and develop sustainable, strong and smart toys. Nowadays, we are still committed to designing new and creative solutions for toys, which can also be used in the garden, in the snow or in the bath. The latter also served as inspiration for the brand new ‘Bath Toys’ collection called Quutopia.


Toys awarded for design, innovation and play value.

As Quut was created by an experienced design team, our brand has aimed for excellence from the start.
We are very proud that our toys have been awarded for their design, innovation and play value. We even won an award for the way our brand is managed.
It confirms that we are on the path that we’ve aimed for: create beautiful and well designed toys to help parents and children enjoy childhood together.
Quality toys for quality time.


The Cana toy is a watering can with two separate, distinctively coloured outlets. From one of them, the water is sprayed through a shower opening; On the other side, a spout allows accurate watering. This way, children have not only twice as much fun playing with the can either in the bath or the garden but also train their motoric skills.


Scoppi is a toy suited for both sand and snow. It makes shoveling easy and can be pushed into the ground with ease, not only with the hands but, thanks to its ergonomic footrest, also with the feet. It comes with a detachable sand sifter that will help when building forts and castles. The simple and ergonomically designed Scoppi is of robust quality, very resilient and guarantees a high degree of safety. But first and foremost it is fun to play with.


Quut Ballo, our iconic no-spill and ergonomic toy bucket, was awarded bronze at the 2019 European Product Design Award in the category Toy Design.
Our new range of bath building sets, named “Quutopia”, was awarded the golden prize in the same category.


The three-part Alto toy consists of stackable elements that allow kids to create layered sand constructions that will not crumble away in minutes. Simply fill, press and turn upside down – and multi-layered buildings begin to arise, from simple towers to impressive castles or an entire sand village. The simple click-and-stack design makes clean-up and transport a breeze.

Statement by the jury
“Alto helps children to build sand castles in an easy and playful way. The compact toy is just as easy and convenient to store and transport afterwards.”


Our new bath construction toys range “Quutopia” was awarded golden prize at the 2019 European Product Design Award in the category Toy Design.
Our iconic no-spill bucket ‘Ballo’ was awarded the Bronze prize in the same category.