Here comes the sun! Birds are chirping again. Blossoms are coming back to life.
Spring is here and at Quut we are celebrating!

We’ve got lots of new items in store for you, to make playing outdoors even more fun 😉

We’ve developed a new garden set under the appropriate name “Garden Green”, with a playful Raki, Cana and Bucki. The latter is our brand new all-in-one-bucket: a designy bucket with sieve. Perfect for smaller hands, but older siblings will love it too!

The Garden Green set will stimulate your little one’s green fingers! Moreover, gardening is a fun family activity. And afterwards you can relax in your beautiful garden or on the terrace together.

A few tips:

• Choose plants that grow fast (lettuce, radishes, carrots, string beans, herbs, East-Indian cherry, annual flowers …) so the kids have quick results.
• Plant a butterfly bush or other flowers favored by butterflies (violets, heather and clover). Who doesn’t like butterflies?
• Haven’t got a garden, or a lot of space? No worries. Use nice-looking pots, hanging baskets or a growing table.
• Is your kid too young/small. Watering plants, is a perfect task for even the littlest munchkins.
• By weeding together, you can learn your child the difference between weeds and plants.