EN71 is a European standard specifying requirements and test methods for the mechanical/physical properties of toys as well as chemical tests, such as migration tests. With the implementation of the new EU directive, migration testing will comprise 17 metals instead of the eight considered until now.

This European standard applies to children’s toys as any article or material which is fully or partially designed or intended for use in play by children up to the age of 14 is considered as a toy. All Quut toys have passed this test with flying colors.

As Quut toys are being sold worldwide, our toys have to comply with more than just the EU norms. So we subject our toys to several international safety standards:

  • Europe, South-America, Middle-East & Israel: EN71
  • USA & South-America: ASTM F963
  • South-America: CE
  • Australia/ New Zealand: AS/NZS ISO8124
  • Canada: SOR-2011-17
  • Japan: FSL (this does not apply to the EVA products)
  • Russia: EAC