… on the beach, on your holiday, or simply in your own backyard!

Quut was born as the first design beach toy brand. Ever since the brand has evolved significantly. Besides a broad range of outdoor toys, we’ve created the wondrous water world that is Quutopia. Since last year our latest development, the Quut playmat, brightens up many playrooms and family rooms.

This Spring we are going back to our design roots. With our new colour collections we want to bring some colour into everyone’s lives. Without a doubt, something we’ll all appreciate after such an unusual year.

Quut equals fun and durability, and this in different ways. Our designs are ergonomic and specially developed for kids. Moreover, the multifunctionality of our toys is an important aspect: 1 Quut toy can be used in different ways and provide hours of fun! The Cuppi, for example, can be used as a shovel, a sieve, a sand-writing tool or a catch-toy. Less products can be used for more and longer playtime!

We at Quut are more than ready for another summer spent at the beach, in the park, in the backyard, … And with Quut toys you’ll be able to leave these wonderful places behind clean & tidy, after a fun-filled day.