… especially with the multifunctional Quut toys to keep your little ones entertained for hours!
Quut toys entice kids to spend their play time outdoors. And being outdoors has a crucial positive influence on every child’s development:

– it increases overall fitness, builds stronger bodies, and helps prevent obesity.

– time spent outdoors raises vitamin D levels which helps prevent future bone problems, diabetes, and heart disease and may also boost the immune system.

– outdoor play has been linked to improve distance vision, and thus lower the chance of nearsightedness.

– it helps in the development of observation skills and it teaches kids about the world, using all of their senses to feel the wind or sun on their skin, observe an insect or flower, or listen to birds chirping.

– green spaces reduce stress levels in children.

– physical exercise increases white matter in the brain.

Our outdoor toys are made from polypropylene, a very safe and very durable material. As a result our toys can take a punch! Moreover they are developed in such a way that they can be used in different ways.
Take our triplet and ringo. The triplet alone can be used as a rake, a sand sifter and a sand writing tool. Combine it with the colourful ringo and you have a fun throwing game with the entire family!
So your kid can let its creativity run wild and experiment with the open-ended toys to his/her heart’s desire.