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  • quut ringo quut ringo
    6 rings + 1 ball = 100 ways to play Ringo is the most versatile and compact pétanque game ever! 6 colorful light-weight rings and a small ball equals endless gaming possibilities. Ringo can be used in the water, on the beach, in the garden or even inside. It’s compact packaging makes it the ideal travel game! Ringo combines perfectly with other Quut toys like Triplet and Cuppi. You can even invent your own games!
    • Ideal travel game: compact and light weight.
    • Floats on water
    • Combines perfectly with Triplet and Cuppi
    • Stimulates creativity: invent your own games
    • Improves hand-eye-coordination
    • Made of durable, recyclable plastic, and free from BPA, latex & phthalates
  • Rake and digger, 2 in 1

    All your gardening and play tools rolled into one!

    With this rake and digger, children can work beside mum and dad in the garden or give free rein to

    their creativity when at the beach or in the snow. With this multiple-piece, open-ended tool, endless learning, creativity and fun is guaranteed in the garden, at the beach, in the sandpit and in the snow! Not only can it be used as a rake or a spade, it can also be used as a funnel, a sieve and a water and sand writing tool. The possibilities are endless!

    • Ideal travel game: compact, lightweight and versatile
    • Ergonomic form for easy use, even for tiny hands
    • Open-ended toy stimulating creativity>
    • Perfect for the garden, the beach, the sandbox, play tables and snow
    • Stack-and-click for easy storage: make sure to remove the sand before clicking back together
    • Made of durable plastic
  • Cana is a playful watering can with an iconic and innovative design. To be used in your bath tub, at home, on the beach or in the garden. Two different sides double the fun for your kids as they can either spray or pour the water precisely while stimulating fine motor skills. Also available in smaller size (0,5 L). Award winning design: Red Dot Product Design Award in 2017
    • Iconic and timeless design
    • Ergonomic handle
    • Anti-spill design
    • 2 functions: spraying and pouring water
    • Can be used in the bath tub, while gardening and on the beach
    • Made of durable, recyclable plastic, BPA, latex and phthalate free
  • Quut frisbee

    Surprise! It’s also a sand sifter!

    This foolproof flying disc doubles up as a XL sand sifter! Anyone can use this flying disc and be successful. It’s easy to use for players of any experience level, stable in the air, comfortable in the hand, and exceedingly durable. A popular beach classic that is also perfect for the park, the garden or the pool. The wide 25 centimeter diameter and the typical Quut hole pattern makes it a mighty sand sifter.

    • Timeless design
    • 2 functions: flying disc or sand sifter
    • Made of durable, recyclable plastic, and free from BPA, latex and phthalates
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