The Quut bath toys are made of EVA, a soft foam with a closed cell structure that has the property of not absorbing water. To keep the toys hygienically clean, make sure to rinse the bath toys after use and store them dry.

The Quut soft foam bath toys can also be cleaned every now and then in the dishwasher. If easier you can also clean them in your washing machine at 30° and / or 40°. When doing so we would advise you to put them in a little wash bag (as you would use for delicate clothes), just because some pieces are rather small.

Items or parts that stay constantly wet might develop mold and mildew on wet surfaces. F.i. when a puzzle is constantly sticking to the shower wall, the surface between the wall and the puzzle will be wet all the time. In such a case mold or mildew might develop. Because the toy is less slippery than the shower wall, the mold will adhere to the surface of the toy. But the material itself will not be infected because of its closed cell structure. Should your EVA bath toys display signs of mold, you can easily clean them with nail polish remover. Put some remover on a cotton pad and rub the mold off. Then rinse. The toys will look great again.